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Product: Pharmacogenomics Test

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With over 600 reports and ultra-high accuracy, this test can help you and your healthcare provider to decide about medication selection. This test is critical to understand the genetic variations that may impact your body’s ability to metabolise and respond to certain medications. With this information, you can personalise your treatment plan and select medications that are most effective and safe for you.

  • Test Price: RM1,600 per individual*
  • Sample required: Saliva**
  • Number of report(s): 600+
  • Tested category(s): Low response to drug, high response to drug, adverse drug reaction.
  • Report ready within 14-21 working days.

*Price is inclusive of sample kit, delivery fee, sample collection fee, sample processing, hardcopy report and complimentary report consultation.

**Saliva collection kit will be shipped to the delivery address after order is received.

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