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Product: SuperKids Health & Allergy Test

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This DNA test is like a peek at this genetic code of your child to see if there might be any tricky instructions that could make them more likely to get certain allergies and illnesses. This test can’t tell for sure if they will get sick, but it can help doctors and parents know what to watch out for and how to keep them healthy! Just like having a friend who might have allergies, you can take extra care to avoid things that might bother them.

  • Test Price: RM1,350 per individual*
  • Sample required: Saliva**
  • Number of report(s): 40+
  • Tested category(s): Food Allergies & Intolerance, Environmental Allergies, and Common Health Risks.
  • Report ready within 14-21 working days.

*Price is inclusive of sample kit, delivery fee, sample collection fee, sample processing, hardcopy report and complimentary report consultation.

**Saliva collection kit will be shipped to the delivery address after order is received.

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