Newborn Metabolic Screening


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Product: Newborn Metabolic Screening

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Metabolic disorders are a group of genetic conditions that disrupt the body’s ability to process specific nutrients or chemicals. These disorders often result from enzyme deficiencies, leading to the accumulation of harmful substances that can wreak havoc on a child’s development. From amino acid disorders to fatty acid oxidation disorders, each condition presents unique challenges that demand early intervention. This test can help screen potential metabolic disorders that may not be visible at birth and is designed to give parents the information they need to make informed decisions about their child’s health and well-being.

  • Test Price: RM3,500 per individual*
  • Sample required: Buccal swab**
  • Number of report(s): 130+
  • Tested category(s): Metabolic Diseases + Hereditary Diseases.
  • Report ready within 14-21 working days.

*Price is inclusive of sample kit, delivery fee, sample collection fee, sample processing, hardcopy report and complimentary report consultation.

**Buccal swab will be shipped to the delivery address after order is received.

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